On the road toward impeachment

I’ve been closely following the movement toward Trump’s impeachment, which can accurately be described as “snowballing”. Every day there’s at least one new example of the President’s atrocious and unlawful behavior, including his tweets yesterday during Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, which clearly was witness intimidation–yet another charge to be added against him. There are still at least 8 other individuals scheduled next week for televised appearances before the same committee next week. It gives me some hope , at least a little, with the mounting evidence against Trump, the Republican-dominated Senate might actually act responsibly and vote to remove Trump from office after his very likely impeachment by the House of Representatives. Trump always likes being a “unique” President–that would make him the only one impeached and removed from office by the Senate. Sounds good to me!



2 thoughts on “On the road toward impeachment

    1. I agree it’s unlikely the Senate will convict, for the reason you give, UNLESS public opinion polls in their states show increasing unpopularity of Trump, and they’re looking to preserve their own Senate seats. I think the only way they’d go to persuade Trump to resign (ala Nixon) is if he doesn’t have enough Republican votes (in the Senate) to keep him in office.


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