On to the Senate

It appears that, finally, this week, the process of having our impeached President receive his trial in the Senate will begin. From what I’ve written before, I clearly would like him to be “convicted” and removed from office–that’s certainly what he deserves, due to his actions and behavior related to the now-famous phone call with Ukranian President Zelensky, and also numerous illegal actions since the beginning of his term in office.

I’m realistic enough to understand that my hopes probably won’t be fulfilled, but I certainly do hope for a process that will be considered “fair” when the history of these times are written, That would include the calling of witnesses important to the case, including John Bolton and Donad Mcgahn. Honestly, if the idea of “fairness” is to honored, if  the Republicans want to call Hunter Biden as a witness (even though he has no real relevance to the case against Trump), I’d be in favor of allowing that. I was glad to read, this morning, that Mitch McConnel seems to have dismissed the terrible idea of having the impeachment charges simply “dismissed”. My hope remains that, assuming Trump is allowed by his adoring Republican “disciples” to remain in office, his name will still be so further tarnished during the Impeachment Trial process that his prospects for re-election in November will be as close to zero as possible. I don’t know whether any of this will happen (after the disaster of November, 2016), but one can always hope–and I do!


4 thoughts on “On to the Senate

  1. There’s a big difference re:calling the Bidens: independent investigations by pboth the Ukrainians and our national security people have found there was no evidence of wrongdoing. So it would be giving in to the conspiracy theorists led by the President to force the Bidens to testify. It’s the equivalent of “lock her up,” designed to confuse the electorate with what is actually fake news. This isn’t a matter of equity: it’s a perversion of our political process. In the US, we don’t try our political opponents with phony charges.


  2. Thanks, Annie. Although I do agree with you about the lack of any believable support for any charges against Hunter B., I just offered that possibility in the interests of making the Senate Impeachment trial as fair-appearing to all sides as possible, which would involve both sides being allowed witnesses of their own choosing. Although, I haven’t heard any evidence that the Senate Republicans will do anything but acquit Trump in any case, I think lack of any witnesses makes the trial into a sham. The Republicans will have their own consciences to deal with if they do as everyone predicts, but it’s better, assuming they’re watching and paying attention (I hope), if the American public gets to see and hear as much evidence as possible.


  3. I appreciate why you think this will make the “trial” appear fairer, and in a different environment it might be ok, but I think it will be just what trump’s minions want in order to tar Biden for the campaign. Atty Gen Barr is out there looking for stuff to “prove” the Bidens’ guilt. It just won’t end. We have to hope that if Biden’s the nominee, the public and press won’t buy into this the way they did with Hillary’s emails.


  4. I guess my point was that, if by “allowing” Hunter Biden to be called as a witness (where he really has nothing to do with the impeachment case against Trump, and from all I’ve heard, there’s no evidence of his guilt in anything), the Republicans would allow calling somebody like John Bolton, who might bolster the pro-impeachment case, it might be worth it. Neither of those scenarios is likely, I realize, since the President’s “side” surely understands how damaging calling witnesses would be to their case, at least in the public’s eye (the Republican senators are likely a “lost cause”). If Trumps “acquitted” by the Senate, as is likely, if the trial appears fair, and the public is paying attention (always a question), my hope is, at least, that Trump’s re-election hopes are damaged beyond repair.


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