Another thought on impeachment

I’ve been trying to watch as much of the Trump impeachment trial as I can. I think the House managers for the Democrats are all very impressive, and Adam Schiff has been absolutely wonderful in his presentations. The President’s lawyers really haven’t had their chance yet, but, from what I saw on the first day, they really don’t have any well thought out answers to the charges against the President, other than to demean the accusers and dismiss the whole process as rubbish. Still, nobody predicts enough Republican Senators to “defect” to constitute a two-thirds majority and remove Trump from office.

There’s still a glimmer of hope that enough “brave” Republicans (I think that would be 4) would vote to join the Democrats, and allow the witnesses, such as John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney, to be heard, and that would be valuable for everyone’s right to know what happened. The thought occurred to me (probably just another “glimmer of hope”) that if enough Republicans (again, 4), voted with the Democrats to “convict”, even though that wouldn’t suffice to remove our unfit President, that would constitute a majority to “convict”, and at least make it hard for Trump to claim complete “exoneration and victory”, and might, at least, give some momentum for his defeat in November, 2020.


2 thoughts on “Another thought on impeachment

  1. It would be great if four Republicans voted to convict, but I fear the very best we can hope for is that they’ll vote for witnesses. That would be valuable. On the other hand, with 69 percent of the public saying they want witnesses, if the Republicans can’t muster the votes, the Democrats’ charge that this was a phony trial should resonate.


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