Getting back towards normal

I think pretty much everyone, including Donald Trump, realizes that really getting life in the USA back to any semblance of normal depends on real treatments and prevention of SARS-CoV2, the the cause of COVID-19, meaning antiviral medications and vaccines.

Remdesivir is an encouraging start as a medication, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be equivalent to what oseltamivir (Tamiflu) has been for influenza. I expect there’s plenty of research going on into new and better medications.

The supposedly big news of the past week, and especially the past couple of days, has been the accelerated effort to make a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus, with supposed “assurance” of success by the end of this year or the beginning of the next. The information sources that are most trustable, including especially Dr. Fauci and Dr. Bright, tell us how important it is to have rigorous testing for both efficacy and adverse side effects of any possible candidates before releasing one or more vaccines for use in the general population. If a vaccine is released that’s not effective, or that has severe side effects (which sometimes take time to appear), that would likely make the pandemic situation worse, in the long run. Creating the means to produce hundred of millions of doses in our nation  (population 330,000,000), and billions for the world (population 7.8 billion) is a huge challenge, which seems to be realized, at least. I really think, also, that a serious potential barrier to even a good vaccine working is the large and growing “anti-vaxxer” movement—no vaccine can work well if enough people are “convinced” to refuse to get it. Trump has been known to “cozy-up” to some of their ideas in the past (the disproven-multiple-times idea that “vaccines cause Autism”), which is very worrisome to me. I certainly hope that everyone who has anything to do with getting to a Coronavirus vaccine is being pro-active to combat the damage the anti-vaxxers can and will try to do to any vaccine effort. The need to create a provably safe and effective vaccine, however long that takes, becomes even more important, to resist the bad information that the anti-vaxxers will try to disseminate, and make a vaccine that’s actually successful in ending this pandemic.

2 thoughts on “Getting back towards normal

  1. This is a wise and invaluable post, Gorge.I have expressed my concerns about the anti-vaxxers previously, and I worry that the political pressure to develop a vaccine will create damaging consequences in terms of both efficacy and safety.

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