Kamala Harris

After waiting a long time for Joe Biden to make his choice for a running mate, I really do think that Kamala Harris is an excellent one, and probably the best among the names I knew of. I think she’s smart, with good experience as a Senator for the past 3-plus years, and relatively young–all good things. As a former prosecutor, I think she’ll do very well in presenting her’s and Joe’s case to unseat Trump and Pence (and very well in debates against Pence).

I do remember her difficult response to Joe Biden during the Democratic primary debate, but I think the argument can be made that it was “politics”, and, if Biden can “forgive” it, so can I.

I think, in naming a black woman as his running mate, Joe Biden created a truly revolutionary moment. Many people called for that, and pretty much demanded it, but Joe actually did it. There were other choices who would have fit the description well, but I think he mabe the best one in Kamala Harris. Hopefully, it’s on to victory for both of them.

2 thoughts on “Kamala Harris

  1. I emphatically agree—and wrote much the same on my post, though I elaborated on why I think that uncomfortable moment in the first debate turned out to be very positive all around.

    Take care, George.


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