Cautiously Optimistic

At this point, slightly more than two weeks before the November 3rd Election, I do feel at least cautiously optimistic that Donald Trump will lose the Presidency to Joe Biden, and that the Democrats will win control of the U.S. Senate and retain the House of Representatives. After 2016, that optimism has to be cautious. However, Biden’s ability to maintain and maybe increase his lead in the polls as the day gets closer gives me hope.

Joe Biden, in all of his speeches and debates this year, has shown his ability to be a true leader, who can navigate the country out of the multiple unprecedented emergencies we face. So different from Donald Trump, he’ll listen to the experts. I think that, at heart, he is a moderate, and, as such, would try to listen to moderate Republicans, if there are any of those remaining.

Trump just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole, with everything he says, does, or tweets. Unlike 2016, with James Comey’s last-minute announcement about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails (which may have been the final “nail” in her electoral coffin), the Trump campaign’s recent revival of it’s effort to “expose” Hunter Biden seems to have had the opposite effect, to expose Rudi Giuliani, another of Trump’s henchmen, as a dupe of a disinformation campaign by Russian intelligence. Trump’s debate performance, in the one debate so far against Joe Biden, received almost universal rebuke, except by his most dedicated devotees. I think it’s pretty well accepted that Biden won the “battle of the town halls” a couple of days ago, Also, the huge New York Times articles a few weeks ago, detailing Trump’s Federal tax payment history, as well as his very large debts to unknown creditors, did everything to refute his claim to be a “genius”, and ethical businessman. The COVID19 Pandemic continues to re-surge, world-wide and in the USA–perhaps the major sign of Trump’s mismanagement.

As for the Senate, the inability of almost all of the Republican variety to counter Trump in any meaningful way, including his most offensive statements and actions, I think makes them as vulnerable as he is. The last-minute “ramming-through” of the Amy Coney Barrett nomination to the US Supreme Court by Senate Republicans, just weeks before Election Day (after denying Merrick Garner even a hearing for the open post half a year before the 2016 election), has only energized Democratic sympathizers more for the vote. I think there’s great reason for hope that the Democrats will re-take the Senate, which wouldn’t have been a credible idea a year ago.

I hope, and I think, that the vast majority of Americans have woken up to the realization that Donald Trump is a complete fraud, and that the idea that he could possibly be a competent leader is the real hoax (to use one of Trump’s favorite words).

To repeat, after the 2016 election, what I’ve said above is a fervent hope, but I think that, this time, it’s based on reality. I do hope and think that, when the results are available, we’ll be able to say (to use words that originally referred to Richard Nixon), that “our long national nightmare (of the Trump Presidency) is over”. Here’s hoping!

4 thoughts on “Cautiously Optimistic

  1. Here’s hoping for sure, George. Biden has certainly demonstrated fine leadership ability in any number of forums.

    We just have to hope that people continue to vote in the large numbers that they have so far—and that those votes are properly delivered and counted!

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    1. Thanks, as always, Annie! By the way, if you have access to the New York Times, today’s Week in Review has the strongest rejection of a sitting president I’ve ever seen (all said much more eloquently than I can).

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