I’ve always said that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think this is because it’s just a wonderful time to get together for a great meal with many family members and friends, with no religion involved (a very important part, for me). Of course, this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, things are very different. Our Thanksgiving meal will just be five of us–our son-in-law and his two sons, our grandsons, at our house. We’ve all been through the sadness of losing our daughter, who was wife and mother to them, and we treasure them all, and are very glad we can be together (though we live in separate houses, we spend many days each week with them, so it’s almost like we’re one household).

I’ve always said, and I’ve said here before, that I think one can be thankful without believing in a “Supreme Being” to thank, and that’s how I really feel. Despite my and our personal sadness this last year, there are many things I am thankful for, beginning with all of the love and support we’ve had from our family and friends over the past year. We have been very careful about our personal “mitigation factors” related to novel coronavirus, but we have managed to avoid getting it so far. I hate the mask, not being able to eat in restaurants, not being able to go to movies–but I’m glad that, so far, my wife and I are staying healthy!

As far as politics goes, it’s no surprise that I’m very, very happy with Joe Bide and Kamala Harris’s victory over Donald Trump and Michael Pence in the Presidential and Vice Presidential races. I’m very pleased with the way President-elect Biden has moved through the transition to assuming power, even in the face of the ridiculous resistance from Trump and his “gang”. The announcement and introduction, yesterday, of multiple appointees to important positions was very impressive—they are all experienced people who know a lot about the jobs they’ll be asked to do, and will give President Biden genuine advice, in such sharp contrast to most of the people in Trump’s ending administration. There is still concern about “obstructionism” from Senate Republicans (as during the Obama years), especially if the Democrats don’t win those two still-open Georgia seats. But, over-all, the outlook for America has to be far brighter than it would’ve been if we were staring at four more years under Donald Trump!

I’m usually an optimist, as I’ve said here before, so I think, with several good vaccines to come into use in the fairly near future, we, in the USA and the world, will get through the Pandemic, and be able to get back to getting on with our lives in a semblance of a normal way, eventually (though there may be a “new normal”, whatever that means).

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks, George. Once again, I’m in total accord with your thoughts about our political scene.

    On a personal note, it’s great that you, your son-in-law, and your grandchildren can be together—and that you see them so often.

    All good wishes,


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