Greeting a New Year, happily!

I’m sure I’m one of many who said “Goodbye, and good riddance” to 2020, and welcome the New Year with hope, at least. 2020 was a bad year for pretty much everyone, largely due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but especially so for me and my wife, with the loss of our daughter (which I won’t dwell on any longer). If there was one good remembrance of last year, it’s President-elect Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump in the November election (though I think none of us will “breathe easier” on that subject until Biden is sworn into office on January 20th).

I have good hopes for 2021 largely because of having a good man who knows how government works as President in Joe Biden. The diverse people he’s chosen, so far, to work in his administration all have experience and competence, which gives me confidence that many of the bad policies of Trump’s years will be reversed. I think Biden, with the people he’s chosen to help him, continues to signal a commitment to a moderate way of doing things that I think and hope a majority of people can support, including any moderates who identify as Republicans. He’s clearly taking the COVID Pandemic very seriously, and has assembled a large and very expert group of people to manage the response. The end of all the craziness of the Trump years, especially over the recent months surrounding the November election, will be a huge relief in itself (not that Trump will “go away”, but he may become more ignorable, hopefully).

The one thing that I still agree was a positive under Trump’s administration was the rapidity of developing COVID vaccines, which was truly amazing. The implementation of actually producing and administering them to the huge number of people required to stop the Pandemic is definitely not going as well, so far. Hope and expect that the Biden administration will address these problems as a first priority. I look forward to my wife and I being able to get the vaccine sometime later this year, and then being able to resume doing the things we love–being with family and friends, eating out (in) restaurants, going to movies and museums, travelling!

It’s a good thing that, at least, we begin the New Year with some justifiable hope that it’ll be better than the last one. Happy New Year to all!

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