January 6th and the President’s Speech

I, for one, was very pleased with everything about President Biden’s speech in the United States Capitol on the first anniversary of the January 6,2021 violent invasion of the building and the United States Congress. The President rightfully labelled the perpetrators as insurrectionists, and included in blame those who urged them on, most importantly our former President, Donald Trump. I think it was appropriate to join that day to other dates that live on in infamy, such as December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. As I’ve said before, I’m glad that the House Select Committee continues to do its work, and that, from what I’ve heard, public hearings will soon take place, and that the committee’s conclusions will likely be released later this year.

It’s highly important that the insurrectionists be brought to justice, and that’s already happened to some extent. However, most important to me is that Trump should be a major part of the ultimate reckoning. Much has been said about him “standing by” for 3 hours while the violent invasion of the Capitol was taking place, watching the event on television, before he intervened at all by telling his supporters to “go home”. Still, in his statement, seen many times on television, he refers to the Presidential election as “stolen”. For me, it’s completely clear that Trump was the instigator of the mob invasion of our Capitol. He words were: “Go down there (to the Capitol) and fight like Hell, because if you don’t fight like “Hell”, you’re not going to have a country anymore”. His, and their intention was to have the results of the November 2020 Presidential election overturned in Trump’s favor. There’s a word for what Trump did that day. It’s called sedition, defined by Merriam-Webster as “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority”, and listed as a serious felony, punishable by fines and up to 20 years imprisonment. What Donald Trump did last January 6th should meet that definition, and he should be held accountable and suffer the consequences. Imprisonment would be fine by me, but, at the very least, he should be prohibited from ever seeking or holding any elected office for the rest of his life.

2 thoughts on “January 6th and the President’s Speech

  1. Not surprisingly, George, I completely agree. I am concerned, though, about how the former guy is brought to justice. I hope the Select Committee’s findings are so overwhelmingly persuasive that the DOJ must act. But the process won’t be swift, based on what I’ve read. Because charging a former President would be so explosive, Garland must believe he has an airtight case that will withstand appeals all the way to the Supreme Court. Because for such a case to be overturned would be horrendous for the country.

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    1. Thanks as always, Annie! A big question in, what will it take to get more Republicans to turn against Trump and his supporters? The huge chasm between the two sides is very alarming, and it’s hard to think what can make it better.

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