Is the Republican Party Beginning to Return to Reality?

I’ll confess that I’ve never been a Republican sympathizer, having voted for very few people in their party during my lifetime. I do believe in the importance of multiple (or at least two) parties to provide multiple viewpoints about the serious issues our country always faces, so, therefore, it’s been very troubling to me, and I think to many others, that the recent state of the Republican Party is about promoting very few real ideas, and is all about denying the validity of the last Presidential election, and affirming whatever Donald Trump says.

It seems there may be a change in the wind, lately. Senate Minority Leader Litch McConnell stated, in front of live cameras, that the events of last January 6th were in the nature of a violent insurrection, and not “legitimate political discourse”, as the Republican National Committee had stated earlier in the week, as part of its censure of Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Former Vice President Mike Pence then said, in a speech before the Federalist Society, that Donald Trump was wrong to say that he, Mike Pence, could have invalidated the results of the election. From what I’ve heard, both of those statements have received no small amount of support from many Republicans (obviously excluding Trump, himself, and hismost avid followers).

I admit to being a perpetual optimist, but all the above gives me at least a ray of hope for the return on some sanity in politics, especially for the Republicans.

2 thoughts on “Is the Republican Party Beginning to Return to Reality?

  1. Ah, George! I wish I agreed with you, but I see these moves related to two issues: the importance of Republicans’ abilities to woo back suburban women, without whom they can’t win; and the awareness that the Jan 6 Committee is finding such damning information that they (R’s) feel the need to scramble away from potential criminal liability, disbarment, etc.If they’d shown some backbone last year, trump’s Big Lie would not have gained such traction, IMO.

    Hope you’re well. Best regards.


    1. Thanks, Annie! I’m doing fine, and hope you are too. I agree that I’m probably being overly optimistic, but I do think Mitch and Pence’s statements probably have some importance as far as influencing their party mates.


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