Reversing Roe v. Wade

Yesterday brought the bombshell news, via a leaked draft of a Supreme Court ruling, that the Court is likely to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision from 50 years ago, and take away the Federal Government’s protection of women’s rights to have an abortion. This, despite the fact that a large majority of our citizens […]

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My Ukrainian Connection

Like so many of us, I’ve been closely following each day’s news about Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. What I’ve learned, fairly recently, is that I have a family connection there. What follows tells more about my family history than I’ve written about here so far. That history is more complicated than for most people. […]

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Some Hopes for 2022

As 2021 ends, and 2022 is about to begin, with the COVID pandemic seemingly returning back to the way things were a year ago, there are a few things I can at least hope for in the New Year. The first would, of course, be that the virus somehow becomes more controlled, which would likely […]

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A Little Year-End Book Review

As the COVID Pandemic continues on, reading remains very important to me. Even more so, as a large, multi-day event my wife and I were planning to go to was cancelled (due to COVID) at the last minute (a huge disappointment to both of us, but, we agree, it was the right decision). As I’ve […]

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Who do you trust?

This was the name of a T.V. game show of the 1950s and 1960s (it apparently featured Johnny Carson as it’s host), but I think it also describes one of the major problems, at least in America, today. For too many people, gone are the days when we trusted experts, whether they be doctors, scientists, […]

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Get the Vaccine, Please!

I’m writing this today to strongly encourage anybody out here who’s “vaccine hesitant” to please get a COVID-19 vaccine. A discouraging piece of news, yesterday, was that the number of vaccines administered in the U.S. last week actually fell compared to the previous week. All of us are “sick and tired” of dealing with the […]

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