Donald who?

Today, January 18, 2021, is just two days before the end of Donald Trump’s Presidency, and the beginning of Joe Biden’s, and nobody could be happier than me about that fact. One thing about the election that has to be reckoned with, though, is that 74 million people did vote for Trump (even though 7 million more voted for Joe Biden, and Biden did beat Trump by about the same electoral college margin that Trump won over Hillary Clinton in 2016). The number of people who supported Trump, even after the terrible causes he supported and his horrible record as a leader during the ongoing COVId-19 Pandemic, was and is very disturbing to me.

I’ve been a little reassured with the news that Trump’s approval rating is now the lowest for an outgoing President since these polls have been taken. The lowest I’ve seen is 33%. I think, and honestly hope, that this may represent Trump’s true “base” number. There’s also other data showing that a large majority wants the Republican Party to “move on” from Trump.

I’m still very much in favor of the Senate trial for Trump’s historical second impeachment moving forward (with a conviction), and with the addition of forbidding him from running for public office again (all richly deserved). Still, if the poll numbers are valid, it appears that a large number of voters have abandoned him, after his clearly seditious action of inciting the attempted takeover of the U.S. Capitol and attempt to prevent the Congress from certifying the November election results finally. I don’t doubt that his rabid followers will remain, but I’m beginning to have at least a little hope that he and they will be relegated to a much less significant role in the national discussion. Trump’s being banned from Twitter (hopefully the “lifetime ban” label will stick), can only help in aiding the world to be capable of forgetting him

All the above is very much wishful thinking by me, but, as I’ve said before, I’m an optimist.

3 thoughts on “Donald who?

  1. Of course I share all your hopes, George. But the polls show that the vast majority of Republicans think he did no wrong and still support him.And the Republicans are increasingly radicalized. Fortunately, there’s hope that the Biden administration can prevent voter suppression. We must redouble our efforts to do even better at elections; the opposition party does not believe in democracy, sadly.

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    1. Thanks, Annie. I did say that I’m an optimist. I’ve also seen polls indicating that the Republican Party overall is losing popularity. There are at least some Republican leaders who at least seem to think responsibly. Also, what I was trying to say is that the insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol might not represent more than a fraction of the Republican Party. I agree that we must do better in elections, by appealing to more of the voting population. I’ll try to stay hopeful, anyway!

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