Donald Trump Impeachment Number Two?

The word for Donald Trump’s actions over the past week, especially on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, is “sedition”, defined as “incitement to rebel against the authority the state”. What else could it be, when Trump told his cheering crowd to march to the U.S. Capitol Building, and prevent the U.S. Congress from giving the final certification to the victories of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over himself and Mike Pence in the November Presidential election? If this act isn’t an impeachable offense, nothing is.

Since January 6th, the possible remedies talked about are invoking the 25th Constitutional Amendment to remove the President from office (requiring the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet, plus likely action by Congress, assuming the President refuses), or a second impeachment by the House, and conviction by the Senate—all not likely to happen in the 11 remaining days of Trump’s term. It might be best if Trump could be convinced to resign, but I don’t think that’s likely. Impeachment by the House seems highly likely, and a Senate trial, even after Biden and Harris assume office on January 20th would still be useful, assuming at least the possibility of conviction, if it would prevent Donald Trump from ever running for elective office again. While I think there is merit to trying to heal national divisions, and I think Joe Biden will try to accomplish that, the last week has made abundantly clear what Donald Trump’s “true colors” are, and that barring him from seeking the Presidency, or any elected position, even again is the most important goal now.

When the Senate was voting on the subject of Trump’s impeachment last year, I remember Senator Susan Collins (R), Maine, saying that she thought “he’s learned his lesson”. It was clear to everyone I know that what he learned was that he could get away with anything, no matter what a despicable act it was. There is also plenty of worry about what Trump might do during the short time he has remaining in office. I think, at least, every responsible person in government has been put on notice now to guard against more damage cause by him between now and January 20th. Hopefully, by whatever action necessary, he will be prevented from running for any office again, and truly, finally, learn the right lesson.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Impeachment Number Two?

  1. Right there with you, George. I posted a piece with much of what you say here today (Part 2).

    Only thing about the conviction is that according to Lawrence Tribe, legal scholars differ on whether someone no longer in office can be convicted following impeachment.

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